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Trusting the Process, Part 2

Almost exactly 3 years ago, I wrote this post when I was pregnant with my first son. Fast forward to today, my due date for baby #2. It's also Jasper's 4-year adoptaversary! I am once again reminded to trust the process in waiting for my body and my baby to be on the same page. As I re-read what I had previously written, I am reminded of the same thoughts and feelings that I had before, in addition to family and friends eagerly awaiting news and checking in frequently.

Jasper's favorite daytime nap spot

same nursery setup, different art and theme

This time around I have a greater awareness for the signs of impending labor, and admittedly I expected an earlier delivery date. While I have an appreciation for anticipation and uncertainty, I have allowed myself to overthink the past few weeks... literally losing sleep over thinking maybe today is the day (but then again, I have had insomnia throughout this entire pregnancy, so that factors in as well). With my first son, it felt strange for the due date to come and go since that date was engrained in my brain and served as the basis for timing. Maybe I shouldn't have been as surprised for the same thing to happen this time around!

Just as in 2019, I did not return to begin the school year. Instead of being busy with back-to-school meetings, setting up my classroom, and collaborating with colleagues, I have been spending my days organizing things around the house, doing part-time social media management, creating art, reading, and resting. It has been an interesting shift in mindset to continue a slower-paced/less stressful daily routine, and I am embracing the downtime/flexibility. It also feels good to write again after so long.

my most recent artwork for the nursery

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