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Winter Reboot

Updated: Jul 30

I’m currently sitting on my couch sipping some some Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers, and I just added another giant marshmallow. (Please note picture below). I’ve meant to write sooner, but for some reason I’ve had a lack of content, a lack of motivation, or both. Tonight I have decided to let the writing just flow, and whatever it evolves into… so be it.


Hot chocolate, scarves, sweaters, bonfires… these are a few of my favorite aspects of the colder seasons. I also have some not so favorite things about this time of year: waking up/leaving for work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark, factoring in extra time in the morning to warm up and/or scrape my car, wanting to curl up in a ball and not leave my house on the weekend…

Alas, winter is coming, and it’s the “most wonderful time of the year”, supposedly. The truth is, it takes a lot more willpower for me to get motivated during colder months.  In the past, I have become somewhat lethargic and reclusive in the winter. This time around, I am acknowledging my past tendencies, and I am taking action! My motivation kicked into gear after Thanksgiving weekend when I gained five pounds in four days. Yikes.

There’s a yoga studio very close to our house that I have known about since the summer, and I finally scheduled a class a few weeks ago. My first class was called the “Black Friday Burn”: a heated class that combined vinyasa flow with power yoga poses. It was great! I decided to purchase a new membership package, with unlimited classes for the first month. I’ve been going consistently since my first day, and I hope to keep it up.

Beyond keeping active this winter, also I plan to stay in tune with my overall wellbeing. This time of year can be a bit draining… it’s cold and dark outside, holiday planning can get stressful, and flu season is kicking in. It helps to take a step back from everything, put it all in perspective, and determine what can be done about the not-so-pleasant aspects of winter. I’m still brainstorming, and I want to make some changes this year. In recognizing the rise of colds and the flu, I wash my hands often, drink a lot water, and use essential oils. Maria gave me a blend called ‘On Guard’ which smells citrusy with a hint of spices. I’m not sure if or how well it is working, but it seems helpful if anything!

How do you combat the winter blues? 


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