I'm Julia Capallo, founder of A Marvelous Spark.

My mission is to inspire those around you. What does this mean for you as a business owner? 
By providing high-quality products, my goal is to reflect your company's mission and vision. My many years of experience in art education, design, and writing have helped me develop a keen sense for effective communication, time management, and attention to detail.


Graphic Design & Illustration

• develop and design logos, business cards, and apparel
• create graphics and literature for printed advertisements, pamphlets, and other documents 

• create graphics and literature for digital advertisements, social media posts, and other documents 

Presentation Design

• combine text and imagery for optimal viewing capacity
• organize presentation content in an easy-to-read and visually appealing format

• edit existing presentations 

Social Media Management

• develop social media content that reflects brand aesthetic through personalized graphics and information

• analyze engagement data and post interactions

• grow target audiences through engagement with social media pages


• create, edit, and update blog posts

• develop written descriptions for products

• edit existing documents for clarity 

Services are offered individually and as packages.

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