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About Me

Hi, I'm Julia! I am from Columbia, Maryland, and I am the founder of A Marvelous Spark, LLC. Although my company has evolved over the years, the creative aspect has always remained. A Marvelous Spark is a creative services company that provides design, writing, social media, and administrative services for small businesses, as well as in-person art events. Creative problem-solving and effective communication are two of my core values. I started this business to expand the reach of my values and skillsets, after teaching art for over a decade.

I understand the importance of professional relationships. When we work together, one of my goals is to learn about your company, your values, and your story. My mission is to help you make your mark in your industry by building brand visibility, inspiring your audience, and growing your business. 

The Story Behind the Name

The name A Marvelous Spark stemmed from the belief that sparks of creativity can be inspired by everyday life. Ideas can develop from our experiences, and they can shape what we do. I decided to reevaluate my career path following the birth of my children. I identified the aspects of teaching that I was most passionate about, which included visual communication, information-sharing, and community-building. These have become the foundation of my business and brand. I hope to inspire other small business owners to ignite the 'spark' behind what they do.

I create and write beyond the work I do for clients. Click on the buttons below to view my artwork and blog.

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Julia Capallo, owner of A Marvelous Spark

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