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Meet your social media goals with customized strategies.

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Get clear on your social media goals and develop strategies for optimal outcomes.


Branded graphics are an impactful social media strategy to help your business stand out amongst the scrolling. When your social media presence is accompanied by distinct content, imagery, videos, and captions, and a strong call to action, you establish consistency, build brand awareness, and attract your target audience. 

I offer different social media packages that provide flexibility for your specific needs. 

View social media case studies below

Client: Columbia Gymnastics

Goals: Weekly posts and sharing of information on Facebook and Instagram such as meet results and updates from the gym. Content calendar also includes wellness tips for gymnasts, interesting gymnastics facts, and inspirational quotes.


• cohesive visuals and consistent online presence 

• authentic representation of brand voice

• social media following increased by 59%

Untitled design (3).png

Photos used in social media posts courtesy of Joe Tito Photography

Meet results are formatted to fit the space based on the number of athletes and events. 

Client: Hausfrau Catering

Goals: Increase social media presence and visibility, and drive more traffic to the website.


• Significant increase in Facebook and Instagram reach within the first 2 months of working together, without the use of paid advertisements

• 30% increase of website traffic through Facebook in a 2-month span, with 90% new visitors

Analytics Nov.1-Jan.9.png

Client: Balti County Flag Football League

Goals: Share information and grow the league through social media marketing.


• social media following doubled

• 60% of participating families found out about the league through social media ads and posts, and signed up as a result


Photo Credit: YRN Designs Photography

Coaches Needed (2)_edited.jpg

Ad formatted for Facebook and Instagram

Coaches Needed.png
Untitled design (4).png

Moms Circle's Facebook page following increased by 42% between January 2023 and October 2023 through engaging content. Its social media goals include sharing local events, information about local small businesses, and relatable content for mothers and families.



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