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Oh Deer!

Photo updates! In my recent post, Smiling Moments, I mentioned a family of deer whom I look forward to seeing on my way to work. There are usually five to seven deer on any given day. It just so happens that I also look forward to the chance of seeing them on my way home from work, but I don’t always leave at the same time.

I took the following photos from my parked car. Thankfully I found opportunities to stop when there was no one else on the (lightly traveled, neighborhood) road.


This evening, I’ll admit- I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see them in their usual hangout spot. BUT, just as I was about to make the next turn in the neighborhood… there they were!!! Not five, not seven, but TEN of them! I was so excited. I practically jumped up and down in my car. I slowed down, parked, and rolled down my window to take a picture. As I turned the corner, I slowly down again and parked even closer to them. They weren’t  phased by me. They looked up briefly, and then kept on eating. The deer were right in front of someone’s house this time, so I felt a little weird about taking photos… at the same time, I felt compelled to document my sighting. I couldn’t get them all in one picture.


How do you make your daily commute more enjoyable?


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