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A Park for All

Angel Park was finally open to the public a few weeks ago! I volunteered to help out this summer in the plans for design and construction. I had an opportunity to stop by last week and check out the completed project. Below are some photos from this summer when I helped paint some of the pieces that were to be installed in the park. There were a couple thousand volunteers who had various roles in the process of bringing the park to life.

There were a lot of people at the park when I went last week, and to respect privacy of others, I avoided taking pictures with people in them. The playground has many components, including a separate section for younger children. There are a few swing sets, a zipline, group spinners, a seesaw, slides, and several other activities. The park design shows incredible attention to detail. The photos below are just a glimpse of the artistic thematic pieces that make this park/playground so unique.

I was pleased to discover my painted addition at the top of the highest tower of the playground. We brought Sage to the playground on Saturday so she could check it out!



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