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DIY Centerpiece Sunday

I’m getting married in less than TWO weeks! Today was dedicated to completing our centerpieces, with the help and talents of my mom, sister, and future mother-in-law. We knocked out the work in about 6 hours total (including a few breaks here and there).


The sunroom became our studio space

I assembled the tubes over the summer, using the inner cardboard tubing that once held a classroom rug (as pictured below). I had to cut it in half to fit it in my car! My fiancé cut the tube into smaller pieces. I added a cardboard base to each, and then painted them.


We worked in an assembly-line fashion, where each of us worked on different components: adding lace and ribbon to the tubes and jars, cutting peacock feathers & eucalyptus, and hot gluing artificial flowers along the bases.

The final pieces turned out great!


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