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The Benefits of Building Community Through Your Business

Community-building has always been important to me, in both my personal and professional life. It not only provides a sense of familiarity and belonging, it also builds trust and authentic connection. The beauty in modern communities is that they can exist in-person AND online, and can serve multiple purposes. Read on to learn more about how building community can benefit your business.

How can building community help your business?

Creating and building community can impact the success of your business in various ways, including the following:

Brand Advocacy

Building community through your business is an investment in long-term client and customer relationships, which helps the brand’s visibility and identity. You can establish your community through how you share your company’s values, mission, and purpose. Satisfied clients and customers within a community are more likely to describe their positive experiences, recommend products and/or services to others, and remain loyal to your business. Word-of-mouth and online testimonials can be highly-effective marketing tools as well.

Feedback and Improvement

Communities provide a platform for customers to share feedback, suggestions, and concerns. This direct communication allows businesses to understand customer needs better, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance their products and/or services.

Increased Engagement

A community fosters engagement and interaction between the brand and its customers. This engagement can take the form of discussions, events, contests, and other activities that keep customers interested and invested in the brand. Community engagement can occur in-person or virtually, but it's important to maintain some consistency in connecting with members.

What are some ways to build community through your business or organization?

Building community takes thoughtful planning and implementation. Just like any relationship, it requires an investment of time to develop, and consideration must be made for those involved. Communities can evolve over time, and it’s helpful to be receptive to feedback from existing community members in order to grow and change.

Community Events

If your company focuses primarily on locality, consider hosting or sponsoring a community event. Not only will this get your name out there, it will show potential clients and customers that you are invested in the area in which you serve. Some community event ideas include:

  • Street festivals

  • Community clean-ups

  • Donation drives

  • Movie screenings

  • Charity events

Create a Space for Engagement

If your company or organization is looking to build its online community, consider creating forums, pages, and/or groups to bring people together. Ask questions, share information, and encourage participants to add their thoughts. Social media is a great tool for bringing people together through an online platform.

Recap on a recent community event

I recently helped to organize a community blood drive through my local mom group. I am the community outreach coordinator who manages the group’s public Facebook page. Some of our goals include planning events, sharing information about other events and activities in the community, and supporting local small businesses. While this is not something directly related to my own business, it is something I’m passionate about, which carries over into my profession.

Do you need help creating and building community for your business?

I believe that community-building is a critical part of establishing credibility as a business owner, which can ultimately lead to a wider customer base for the business over time. If you are looking to create, maintain, and/or build community for your business or organization, I’m here to help! I work with clients to plan in-person events and engage their online audiences. Feel free to contact me or schedule a call to discuss your needs.


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