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Beginning, Ending, & Beginning

Updated: Jul 30

This will be my final post for 2016! It’s been interesting to look back on the year, and to see it through different lenses. Everyone’s year has had its ups, downs, and changes, both good and bad. I strive to use every experience and every piece of information that has impacted me this year, towards a positive outcome and/or attitude. It hasn’t always been easy. As I reflect on some of the best moments from 2016, those are the ones I focus on as the year comes to a close. So much has happened!

[[Side note, I just got a new daily drawing sketchbook in the mail, and I am THRILLED to start my daily drawing habit again! I got a sketchbook for Christmas in 2014, and I began my daily drawings for 2015. It was a great way to motivate myself, and I kept up with it almost every single day of that year (some of the drawings were very intricate, thus taking up more time). My goal for this sketchbook is to dedicate time to draw every single day, even if the drawings are just simple doodles. Some of my favorite drawings have evolved from doodles that did not have a specific end in mind!]]

My Top Ten Events From 2016 (In Chronological Order):

  1. Participating in the “Mother & Child” Art Exhibit

  2. Week-Long ‘staycation’ during the snow storm in late January

  3. Getting accepted into a educational leadership program

  4. Closing on a house/moving in

  5. Birthday weekend: 30th birthday trip to Cleveland, surprise birthday trip to Shenandoah Valley

  6. Sage’s 1st birthday

  7. Bachelorette weekend

  8. Organizing my first summer art camp program

  9. Our wedding

  10. Mini honeymoon to St. Michaels

So… what’s next? What’s in store for 2017? More writing, for sure. Daily drawing! Yoga! The rest, time will tell…

So long for now 🙂

What were some of your most memorable events from 2016? What do you see in your future?

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