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Creative Traditions

Yesterday I attended a DIY wreath-making workshop with my mother-in-law, and fellow blogger, MaryGin. We went to The Green Door, a unique store/workshop space located in Bel Air, Maryland. I’ve been to the Green Door a few times now for various workshops, and it has become somewhat of a tradition to create our own wreaths for different occasions.

Last year we attended a workshop during the grand opening of the store. The Green Door has expanded the space significantly since then. The workshop space has moved to its own room, and there is now a separate store and rental item area.


Livia and I during the opening month of The Green Door.

Art days with my mom are another tradition that I hope to continue with. Back in January, we participated in an exhibit entitled ‘Mother & Child’, where all of the artists were moms and their children.


Postcard for the exhibit

It was a great opportunity to spend time together and create art. We began working on our own series of artworks in November 2015, and we scheduled art days on the weekends. Below are a few photos from the studio.

Sometimes during our visits, we would get distracted and do other things like run errands, eat snacks, etc. The exhibit gave us a timeline for completing our work and kept us from procrastinating! Although we don’t have a specific event to create art for this year, I think we will plan art days again soon (when we have a free weekend!). Perhaps we will seek out another exhibit to participate in.

What types of traditions do you keep with family and friends?

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