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Local Treasures

It’s hard to believe that August is coming to an end, and September is just around the corner! I wanted to recap a few things from the end of July and throughout August as they pertain to this life of creativity, entrepreneurship (I always have to look up how to spell this word haha), and supporting local small businesses, organizations, and events.

CreativeMornings Baltimore

CreativeMornings is an international organization whose attendees gather in-person in cities around the world on the last Friday of each month. CreativeMornings events are free, open to the public, with breakfast, and a brief talk by local creatives. There is an overarching theme each month, and July’s was TREASURE.

CM Baltimore’s July speakers were Sola Ekunseitan and Bri Mobley of Blk Ass Flea Mkt. They discussed how they got started in their business together and how Baltimore has become their home. Blk Ass Flea Mkt empowers Black creatives/makers in Baltimore by hosting events and marketplaces to build community and showcase original works.

I had the opportunity to volunteer at July’s event, which took place on the Urban Pirates ship in Fells Point. It was certainly the perfect location for the month’s theme! For me, one of the key takeaways from Sola and Bri’s talk was the statement, “Build radical risks into the business model.” I was inspired by their authenticity, confidence, and how they came together to create a much-needed community that they are passionate about.

Chesapeake Bay Coffee Co.

Address: 130 S Main St., North East, MD 21901

Hours: M-Th 6 am-5 pm, Fri 6 am-6 pm, Sa & Su 7 am-6pm

Tying into the theme of pirates and treasure, I visited Chesapeake Bay Coffee Co. at the beginning of August after meeting with another local entrepreneur who recommended it. I had never been to the town of North East, Maryland before, so it was fun to walk around and explore the area.

The Space

Chesapeake Bay Coffee Co. embraces the pirate theme throughout the building, beginning with its outdoor sign of a skull and a scroll displaying the company name. They have indoor and outdoor seating options, plus a pirate ship play area for children.


Chesapeake Bay Coffee Co. roasts their own coffee and sells it in bags. They have a variety of hot/cold coffee and tea drinks with flavor options, in addition to other beverages. They also serve breakfast sandwiches until 11 am (unfortunately I missed the time window while I was there), and a number of unique donut flavors.


√ Free Wi-Fi

√ Outdoor Seating

√ Free Street Parking

√ Playground


Chesapeake Bay Coffee Co. was a suitable place to work during my brief visit in North East. I noticed that there was only one outlet available from where I was seated, but someone else was using it. It would be a fun spot to stop in again with my family if we find ourselves up that way!

First Thursday

Canton Waterfront

First Thursday concerts are free events that take place at Canton Waterfront in Baltimore, put on by the local radio station, 89.7 WTMD. I hadn’t attended one since last summer, so I was excited to go this month! There were three performances that evening. The highlight for me was the second performer, Abraham Alexander, a musician based out of Texas. First Thursdays have grown significantly since their beginning in the Mount Washington neighborhood. In addition to the concert itself, they also have an entire vendor area dedicated to local restaurants, small businesses, and organizations.

Marshy Point Nature Center

Address: 7130 Marshy Point Rd., Middle River, MD 21220

Hours: M-Su 9 am-5pm

I love discovering local places for my kids. I had heard about Marshy Point Nature Center for a while, and we finally made it there earlier this month for a play date with my son’s friend from daycare. Unfortunately, the nature center building was closed due to a power outage, but there were plenty of other areas to explore while we were there. We went on a nature hike, checked out a butterfly conservatory, and even saw some turkeys up close!

Holt Park & Center for the Arts

Address: 34 Elmont Ave., Baltimore, MD 21206

Hours: M-Su 9 am-5pm

Overlea Artsfest held its annual event a few weeks ago at Holt Park, with the theme “Through the Looking Glass”. Holt Park & Center for the Arts is another place I had heard about several times and finally got to visit. During Artsfest, we participated in a scavenger hunt which took us all around the property. We had to look for several things that related to the event theme. In addition to the activities around the park, there was a juried art show in the main building at Holt Park. I had submitted some artworks for consideration, but they weren’t selected. I may try again next year and create something that connects to the theme!


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