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For the Win!

Update on yesterday’s Art Teacher League Bowling game: I won the high score!! More specifically… the best score I have ever bowled in duckpin (or regular bowling for that matter)!


I got to take home the trophy, which now looks like this:


It’s gotten pretty heavy, so my plan is to add wheels and/or create a mini wagon to wheel it around. The other time I received the trophy, it just had the yellow and pink flashlights and paper umbrellas. I added the small black base and used puffy paint to write ‘Duckpin Bowling Champ’. We have one more game in June before the end of the school year. I wonder who will get it next!


This week I received some completed Youth Art Month Daily Drawing Challenge pages from students. I love how each of them interpreted the drawing prompts. They will each receive a certificate and a button that says “I completed the 2018 Youth Art Month Daily Drawing Challenge”.. gotta make those buttons this weekend to give out on Monday. A few fellow art teachers requested the blank page on my visual art program Instagram page, so I sent out a PDF.

Happy Friday!

What are some of the highlights from your week? 


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