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Let Your Light Shine!


The title for this post was inspired by a banner I saw downtown on Sunday. The past few weeks have been busy and full of energizing/inspiring events. As a result, my inner light has certainly been shining!

Today is the first official snow day of the 2016-2017 school year. We had a 2-hour delay a little while back, but that was it. There was a point where I thought we wouldn’t have any snow days this year, based on the unusually warm weather we have had over the past month. Although I am looking forward to warmer weather, I am embracing this opportunity to relax, write, and work on some art throughout the day.


The first of the month marked one of our largest annual school events, Padonia Around the World (PAW) Night. This year however, we teamed up with a neighboring middle school. Coincidentally, the middle school had scheduled a diversity night the same evening. Some families felt conflicted in balancing time between the two events. Instead of rescheduling our event, I suggested that we combine the events, and it worked out well! I truly felt that this was a serendipitous occurrence. For one thing, PAW Night has outgrown our school space. We ended up holding the combined event at the middle school, where different activities took place in different parts of the building. The event was renamed Cockeysville Community Diversity Night. I contacted the Office of Communications for BCPS about our event, and they ended up creating a video to recap the evening. Below are some photos of art and displays from the event:


The morning after CCDN, I headed up to New York for the NAEA Conference. I enjoy going to national conferences to network with fellow art educators from all over the country and to engage in meaningful professional development opportunities. This year I did a presentation on repurposing materials to create art. The conference ran from March 2nd-4th, and we stayed an extra day to spend a little time in the city. We went to the International Center of Photography before heading home. Their current exhibition, Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change, is incredibly powerful in its presentation of current issues.


Upon returning from New York, I began preparing displays and other ideas for Youth Art Month. Last year I posted some activities to celebrate. This year’s Youth Art Month theme is ‘United Through Art’.


In the past, I have created a daily drawing post-it wall for students to participate in. The upkeep was tedious, so I decided to do something different this year.


This past weekend was fueled with more creative and energizing activities. AVAM held their monthly weekend walk-in workshop on Saturday. The current exhibit theme is food. The workshop focused on creating food-inspired artworks, such as restaurants, food trucks, etc. The museum provided boxes to use as the base, some with wheels, and some without. I made a smoothie truck!

There were so many creative pieces from the workshop, made by participants of all ages.

On Sunday I participated in the Baltimore Shamrock 5K with a group of friends. We decided to dress up for the run. It was fun to see other people decked out in green outfits and accessories. The city also held a St. Patrick’s Day Parade after the race.


For Youth Art Month Spirit Week, I prepared an outfit inspired by the art of Romero Britto. I was happy to wear the outfit yesterday since we are out of school today, and will possibly have a delay or a day off again tomorrow.


How do you let your light shine? 

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