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One to Remember

I find it fascinating how the concept of a new year was made up at one point. After all, people around the world have developed different types of calendars over time. The Gregorian calendar, which is the most commonly used system around the world, is what our current calendar is based upon. Today marks the last day of the year 2020. Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new calendar year, and perhaps an opportunity to press the reset button. It's not to say that 2020 didn't have its highlights (and it most certainly did, which is the main purpose of this post). However, this year presented changes and challenges that many of us would like to move past and start fresh in 2021. Some of these challenges will follow us into the new year, since they do not just magically disappear with the change of a calendar. However, maybe we can learn to see with new eyes... a shift in perspective as I previously wrote about, and work within our own control for lasting (positive) changes.

In keeping the tradition with previous years of blogging (minus 2018, when we were traveling at the end of the year), here are 10 Highlights from 2020. There were lots of 'firsts' this year!

1. Dark Days of Winter Beer Party, 5th Edition (little did we know that our in-person parties would discontinue for the rest of the year!)

2. First family vacation

3. First Mother's Day/Father's Day

4. Family photoshoot

5. Purchasing my first new car

6. Starting a new teaching position (from our basement)

7. James' first birthday

8. Co-founding a new community organization, Moms Circle (pictured here: a yard sale fundraising event)

9. Anniversary trip

10. Exploring Nature

What sticks out to me most about this year is the amount of time spent with family and making new memories in our first full year of parenthood.

What are some highlights from your year?

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