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This Year’s Journey

It’s that time again, when I think back on all that has happened over the year and look forward to the new year (and in this case, a new decade!). Despite reflecting on the past and looking towards the future, I remind myself to remain present in the moment, especially now with an infant. I take photos often, but I also take time to just observe. So many people say, “Cherish this time, it goes by so fast!” The time in the past 3 1/2 months seems to have passed very slowly in some cases, and seems to have flown by in others. Some days feel like they’re dragging, but the next thing I know, another month has passed. I do a monthly photoshoot because I think it’s fun to document the time and the changes. I hope my son will appreciate it one day!

This all reminds me of when I travel: the first few days of the trip seem to go by slowly, and the end seems so far away. By the end of the trip, the beginning seems like it happened long ago. Keeping a travel journal and taking photos help to remind me of the various experiences. I’ve always been interested in capturing memories/recalling events through sensory details, which is most effective through the combination of writing and photography, in my opinion.

The journey into motherhood is very similar. I look back on photos of my pregnancy throughout the year, and even my big, round belly at the end seems like a distant memory. Below is a photo of me on my due date, and James arrived two days later.


I aimed to embrace the different stages and changes, both physically and mentally. I kept a journal throughout my pregnancy, and it is nice to know that I can go back and read it at any time. The same is true for the postpartum period, where I strive to acknowledge new experiences and uncertainties, and to choose how I respond to them. It hasn’t always been easy. My gratitude journal is a way of highlighting the great things about being a new mom…a lot of firsts, both on my end and for the baby.  When it comes to the difficult aspects of parenting, I prefer to talk them out. I find comfort in hearing about others’ experiences. It’s amazing how motherhood/parenthood has opened opportunities for conversation… even with people who I may never have spoken to before had we not shared that common ground.

This year has been one of major transformation. As in past posts from December 2016 and December 2017, I’ve reflected upon my top ten events from the year… so here they are, plus a few photos to go along with them.

My Top Ten Events From 2019 (In Chronological Order):

1. Trip to Colorado

2. Organizing a county-wide artist trading card swap

3. Planning and participating in numerous student art exhibits

4. Volunteering for AVAM’s Kinetic Sculpture Race/ meeting artists Alex and Allyson Grey, founders of CoSM

5. Birthday trip to Longwood Gardens

6. Trip to New England

7. Closing retreat for educational leadership program (TEL)

8. My baby shower

9. Showing art in a local exhibit (here are the descriptions for the pieces shown)

10. The birth of our son/all of the new experiences that come with motherhood


The Top Nine photos from my personal Instagram account reflect similar events, except the one from our wedding was a throwback 🙂


What are your favorite memories and experiences from 2019?

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