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Wrapping Up the Year

‘Tis the season of giving. To wrap up the school year before winter break, I usually have students create holiday cards for family and friends. This year, we did something different: students made holiday cards for the homeless. I know of a volunteer organization called Happy Helpers for the Homeless, based out of Glen Burnie and Baltimore, who meet on Sundays in downtown Baltimore to distribute food, clothing, and other items to the homeless. Oftentimes the individuals whom they serve are without a support system of family or friends. Perhaps they have no one to spend the holidays with.

I showed my students a short video about the Happy Helpers organization, and explained that a gesture as small and simple as making a holiday card could certainly brighten someone’s day. The kids were inspired and excited to create artwork for a good cause.


Candy for inside the cards

As a separate school project, one of our after school clubs is organizing a clothing drive through the new year.


I handed out the cards/candy and organized the initial clothing donations at Our Daily Bread Employment Center on Sunday.


How are you giving or sharing this holiday season? 

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