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Aligning & Guiding with the Inner Compass

Updated: Aug 29

After the birth of my second son, I made the decision to step away from the art classroom after teaching for 10 years. This was not a simple nor easy decision, but I knew it was best for my situation. After all, teaching art itself was not why I chose to reevaluate my career path. It was a combination of other factors that caused unnecessary stress and made it challenging to find balance in my life. I knew that whatever job I held next would need to have flexibility and incorporate my current skills, with room to expand and learn new skills.

My company has been in existence since 2010, beginning as a summer project that I started after college. The company name stemmed from a belief in everyday inspirations as sparks for creativity. What started as a jewelry-making hobby has evolved to encompass creative outlets in various forms over the years, and eventually became an LLC in January of this year. I now offer a number of creative services to individuals and small businesses.

I participated in my first energy alignment session a few weeks ago, as a birthday gift from my mom and sister. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but I was excited about the idea of combining creative business coaching and reiki. The experience was enlightening. During the session, I was able to talk about my goals for A Marvelous Spark, and how to best align my work with my skill sets, personality, and values. In the end, I was able to get a clearer idea of the direction in which my business will go. This got me thinking about the concept of an inner compass.

What is an inner compass?

An inner compass is an internal mechanism that helps to guide and direct decision-making, and helps us to connect to our true selves. When we are in alignment in different aspects of our lives, we feel a sense of ease and flow. When we are unaligned in certain ways, our minds and bodies have a way of signaling this.

How do you use an inner compass?

An important part of using an inner compass is to reconnect to it if you feel that you have neglected your inner guidance. This is a practice in being mindful, present, and noticing how your mind and body interact with people, places, and situations. This may also require quiet spaces to reflect without external distractions.

Noticing Themes

I was in Havre de Grace a few weeks ago and did some work at a local coffee shop called Concord Point Coffee. At the time, I didn’t think much of the name until I noticed the logo was of a lighthouse. *Side note, when writing blog posts that include local coffee shops, I try to incorporate other topics that tie in, such as my recent post about feeling grounded.

In this case, I started to reflect on the commonalities of an inner compass and a lighthouse. I also decided to do a little research on the history of Concord Point because it clearly had an important meaning to the area.

What is the significance of lighthouses?

Historically, lighthouses have served as navigational aids for ships, shining a light in any weather, and providing direction towards safety. Symbolically, the lighthouse represents a light that guides in different seasons of life. They can also represent strength and resilience, as they withstand the harshness of different conditions.

Brief History of Concord Point Lighthouse

The federal government was in charge of authorizing the construction of lighthouses in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In 1825, the construction for a lighthouse on Concord Point was authorized to be built at the entrance to the Susquehanna River. Contractor and Havre de Grace resident, John Donahoo, was awarded the contract to build Concord Point Lighthouse in May 1827. He completed both the lighthouse and keeper’s house by November of that year. Prior to this project, he built Thomas Point and Pooles Island lighthouses, and went on to build a total of 12 lighthouses in Maryland.

Concord Point Coffee

Address: 217 N Washington St., Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Hours: M-Su 8 am-6 pm

The Space

Concord Point Coffee has a quaint cafe feel, with artwork and decor on the walls as you walk through the main entrance. There are a few round tables in the ordering area, and there’s another large room with several seating areas for eating, drinking, and working. I didn’t walk through the second room until I was getting ready to leave, and I realized that there were several people sitting and working in there! The large room had walls full of local art, ranging between photographs, paintings, and sculptures.


Concord Point Coffee has a variety of hot and cold beverage options made to order, with some specials listed as well. They also have a cooler with water, soft drinks, and yogurt. The food options consist of baked goods and snacks. I ordered an iced Matcha Latte and an everything bagel with cream cheese.


√ Free Wi-Fi

√ Outdoor Seating

√ Free Street Parking


Concord Point Coffee was a cute, cozy spot to sit and work, but next time I will opt to sit in the separate room away from the main ordering area. I had some good people-watching opportunities from where I sat, though it was somewhat distracting at times.

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