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Feeling Grounded

Today I had an aligned energy session (more to share on that in another post!) and something that came up during our conversation was the concept of grounding. What does it mean? Grounding takes the form of different methods. In one way, it is a practice for physically reconnecting with the earth, also known as earthing. Whether its walking barefoot or lying on the ground, these strategies can lead to positive effects on the body. Another form of grounding relates to the mind. It is a technique that helps us return to the present moment, especially when our minds wander or are filled with anxiety, overwhelm, and stress.

When we feel grounded, we reconnect with our mind and body in the present moment. I used to put more emphasis on this technique when I practiced yoga regularly. Lately, I've noticed the negative impacts that disconnect has on that my body and mind, so I need to make grounding practices a priority again.

- - -

In my most recent blog post, I shared about how a change of workplace scenery has the potential to motivate and inspire. I came across another local coffee shop that sounded interesting, so I added it to the list I had started. The name itself, Grounded Coffee Co. was intriguing, and seemed to have multiple meanings. Grounded, as in coffee, but maybe also grounded as in being present. There is something peaceful about sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee.

I must have found out about this coffee shop on Facebook, because I started following the page. I decided to make a visit to Grounded Coffee Co. in Perryville, Maryland on Friday, July 7th, which I later found out was just days after it opened!

Grounded Coffee Co.

Address: 4899 Pulaski Hwy, Perryville, MD 21903

Hours: M-F, Sat. & Sun. 7 am-8 pm

The Space

Grounded Coffee Co. is a large space with many windows and natural light. There are long tables to sit at, in addition to chairs at a countertop that face out towards the road. The building is spacious and inviting, with high ceilings and reggae music that plays overhead. I learned that the building was once used as a church. One thing I noticed while I was working there was a lack of accessible power outlets. The only outlet available was not conveniently located. However, seeing that this business is very new, I brought it to the barista's attention. There were several power outlets around the room above the windows, so they could probably run an extension cord/power strip from them. After speaking with the barista, she shared some insight about what the owners envision for the space, including a place for people to meet, work remotely, and play music. They also have resident tattoo artists setting up in the back of the building.


Grounded Coffee Co. has a variety of unique drink options, including Elevated Lattes named after weed-smoking movie characters and celebrities. They also serve assorted baked good and sell bags of coffee. I ordered the Jay & Silent Bob's Crazy Hazy Latte with a muffin. The latte had a nice caramel flavor (not too sweet), and I opted for an extra shot of espresso. While I was there, I had an opportunity to try a frozen latte that one of the baristas was learning the recipe for. Everything was delicious!


√ Free Wi-Fi

√ Plenty of parking


I loved the overall vibe at Grounded Coffee Co., and I found it to be a productive environment to work in. I happened to go on the first Friday since they opened. There were a variety and steady flow of customers throughout the time I was there, which was a little over an hour. Some people were getting coffee to go, others were meeting up with laptops and work, and others who were enjoying pastries with their family. I look forward to seeing how this business grows and develops, and I hope to make another trip up there very soon!

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