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Expressions of Gratitude

I’m a big fan of Wednesdays. In part because it is officially the middle of the work week (Hump Dayyy), and in part because I have come to associate Wednesdays with various aspects of my life.


Camel sketch from my 2015 One Sketch a Day book

Since our engagement, Andy and I have dubbed ‘Wedding Wednesdays’ as the day we specifically discuss wedding-related plans. Early on, this made a lot of sense because we didn’t want the wedding talk to consume our lives. However, as the date approaches (!!!), we’ve needed more than just Wednesdays for wedding planning.

Wednesdays have also been associated with Wellness/Workouts at school. We won a wellness grant last year because of the different health initiatives we were organizing around the building. I began a weekly yoga session on Wednesday mornings last school year, and I started it up again last week. I truly look forward to beginning my day with yoga, and I am grateful to share my practice with colleagues.

There is much to be grateful for this week, and I feel the need to express it all here:

Monday: During our Professional Development day, my coworkers surprised me with a wedding shower during lunch! Different groups of teachers pitched in for various gifts, including some of the remaining items from our registry. I LOVED the cupcake display!


“Mrs. Capallo’s Art Class” cupcake display

I sent thank you cards out yesterday, not just as a formality, but to further extend my thanks for all of the thoughtfulness. Plus, I found some really cute cards at the Dollar store!


Tuesday: My new evening class started last night. I was grateful for the wisdom and encouragement from our professor. She showed a genuine interest in our individual interests, and she planned to tailor the course around some of our specific needs. I’m looking forward to learning more about the course as it relates to leadership, professional development, and other interesting topics.

Wednesday: The school day began with a yoga session, and ended with a student handing me a Thank You card. It’s amazing how something so simple can add more to the day.


I learned that today was her last day at our school. Although I only taught her for one year previously (she is now in 1st grade), I truly saw her artistic abilities beginning to emerge. Thankfully she is going to a neighboring school with amazing art teacher!

 What are some things that you are grateful for? 

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