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Motivated to Move

I have a tendency to jump back on the healthy train after indulging during the holidays, and I've been doing a pretty good job so far. As an incentive to hold myself (and others) accountable for our fitness and nutrition, I decided to head up an accountability group within my local moms organization. Once a week in January, I asked each participant to share a small win as it relates to their fitness and nutrition goals. In addition to these weekly check-ins, we've been tracking our daily mileage in a spreadsheet '2021 Miles in 2021' inspired by another woman in our group. The miles can be accumulated through walking, running, biking, or any other form of movement. I've become more motivated to get up and move throughout the day, especially while teaching from home where I'm seated for much longer than usual. As a group, we managed to reach 2,021 miles by January 28th! We strive to keep up the momentum in February using the same spreadsheet format. My personal goal is to beat my weekly total in steps this month. I have been using a calendar to track my progress towards fitness and nutrition goals such as trying a new exercise each week, reaching 10,000 steps/day at least once a week, portioning out snacks (as opposed to just eating right out of the bag), and drinking 64+ ounces of water per day.

I'm fortunate to have a lot of parks and hiking trails near my house. My remote teaching schedule gives me the flexibility to get out and walk in the morning and midday. It's a relaxing and refreshing way to start the day and/or break up long periods of sitting. In recent weeks, I had the opportunity to hike a few times before my classes. I brought my coffee and listened to a podcast while walking through the woods. It was very pleasant and peaceful, with few interactions with other people. I'm hoping to build this into my weekly routine when possible. We have been off of the typical routine/schedule the past few weeks for various reasons. I'm also gearing up to return to the school building within the next several weeks, so perhaps my morning hikes will take a hiatus. Then again, there's always the weekend! Below are some photos from recent hikes.

What motivates you to get moving?

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