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Beginning with Wellbeing

It’s hard to believe that we’re about a month and a half into the new year. I’m happy to say that I’ve been feeling rather productive lately! I consider myself a ‘doer’, and although this does not define my self-worth, I’ve had trouble accepting days that feel like nothing has been accomplished. Staying at home with an infant can often feel that way, especially when naps are shorter than expected. Sometimes I will get started on something (for example, this blog post), and have to come back to it at a later time. However, I’ve reminded myself time and time again that taking care of my son is currently my full-time job. Keeping him happy and healthy is my priority, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job. James is officially 5 months old today, and since my post from October, a lot has changed, yet a lot has stayed the same. To reference some of the points I previously made:

  1. Emotional fits: I’ve learned that sleep deprivation can negatively impact my mental clarity. This has been an ongoing theme since way back in early postpartum. As suggested by my husband, I decided to seek help in navigating my thoughts and feelings as a new mom. In addition to working on my mental health, I’ve been seeking more opportunities to work on my physical health. Andy and I joined a gym at the end of 2019, and I have been keeping a spreadsheet of my exercise as a motivator.

  2. Asking for help: In the beginning it felt strange to constantly ask for help. I am getting used to the idea of doing this, especially in times of overwhelm.

  3. Keeping up with interests: Alas, the winter months have kept us inside more than I would like. It has been a relatively mild winter thus far, but I crave the sunshine and warmth. We have had a few days recently where we’ve been able to go for walks or spend time outside, so we’ve been taking advantage of those opportunities.

In addition to getting outside, I’ve returned to a few other activities that have taken a brief hiatus. A fellow art educator reached out to me recently about showing some artwork at a local cafe. Although I did not have any new artwork, I was excited for the chance to share some existing pieces in a public space. We just had the opening reception last weekend. I also recently made some jewelry to sell at a local yoga studio.

How is your new year starting off?

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