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Creating ‘New’ Spaces

Writing has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was kid, and I consider it an important part of my life. I recently got back into daily journaling after purchasing a new notebook a week ago. The practice began with a routine adapted from the book The Artist’s Way, as previously mentioned in this post. Physically writing versus digitally blogging has a different creative process for me. For one thing, when I am writing in the journal, I’m often just recapping the day before or writing about what I plan to do for the rest of the day. I aim to journal in the morning so that it becomes a consistent routine once I wake up. I also try to just get thoughts out on the page without putting too much thought into the sentence structure.

With blogging, there’s the luxury of backtracking/deleting, adding information in between statements, and crafting the post with the intention of relating to a theme (often reflected in the title). Just a few minutes ago, I sat thinking of a good title before beginning any content.. and realized it’s not that important. I have a general idea about what I want this post to be about, so the title can come later.


We recently rearranged a few rooms in our house to better utilize the space. We barely ever used the dining room, and the table just became a place to store random stuff. I knew the space could be utilized more effectively, so I proposed the idea of changing it into an office space. We moved our bar items to the basement (and now the shelves doesn’t jingle when we walk!). I managed to sell the dining room table and chairs very quickly on Facebook Marketplace. Our desks and my sewing table fit very nicely in the former dining room, with room for a folding table in the center of the room. I’ve used my desk more in the past two months of changing rooms, because the new office/art space feels less isolated. There’s also better lighting for working on different projects.

The former office is now a ‘relaxation room’ meant for reading, writing, and meditation. Just by decluttering and rearranging furniture, the space has taken on a different energy. The room is peaceful and calming, and has become the perfect place to do my journaling.


I also set up a few things in the room to add to the ambiance.

How do you create ‘new’ spaces? 

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